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Інститут міста | Kachka dezinformachka: political education - Інститут міста
2 September 2020 | Education

Kachka dezinformachka: political education

Legal name: Improving media literacy among civil society institutions

Short name: Kachka dezinformachka: political education.

The project aims to form a more responsible attitude to voting, make an overview of the political forces manipulations and show how political ads and advertising content influence voters.

Symbol Kachka dezinformachka – is a yellow duck that exposes fake news and fights online disinformation. The prototype was the phrase “newspaper duck”, which was used by newspaper editors to describe implausible news.

The users of social networks aged 25 to 65 years were the target audience of the project. 

The online course “Kachka dezinformachka”  consists of seven webinars on the following topics:

  • Why do we need deputies of local councils and what can we do with them?
  • Preparation for the election campaign
  • Manipulation through outdoor promotion and media
  • SMM – the latest technologies and methods of manipulation through social networks and bloggers
  • Buckwheat, tonometers and other types of election bribes
  • Sociology as a method of public opinion manipulating
  • Election day

We used tests after each webinar in order to measure the level of knowledge of all participants. More than 400 participants were tested, but only 223 were successful.

The most current tips for protection against manipulation and recognition of misinformation became the basis for a short brochure, which is available on this link.

Records of webinars are available here.

More details about Kachka dezinformachka on Facebook

Implementation period: August – November 2020

Donor: Representative Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine 

Partners: NGO “Project 1”