About us

About us

The City Institute is the center of strategic planning in Lviv. We develop city strategies, implement research, forums, international projects.

Strategic planning:

We create and implement the Comprehensive Development Strategy of Lviv 2012-2025 and sectoral strategies of the city.

Project activities:

We generate ideas for the development of the city, develop and implement relevant projects, attract funds from international funds and organizations to address current city issues.


We conduct analytical and sociological research on current topics related to urban life and the quality of LMD services.


We organize and hold forums where we solve key problems of the city and the country.


We hold round tables, meetings with residents, urban cafe and other public events to inform Lviv residents about important areas of the city’s development.

Organizational activities:

We conduct trainings and trainings in order to increase the efficiency of work, as well as involve international experts to share experiences
in the form of training programs.