Lviv Cultural Development Strategy by 2025

The purpose of the Cultural Development Strategy consists in determination of strategic aims, priorities, directions and specific projects which will provide the most favorable and effective conditions for spiritual, aesthetic and social development of every person and  a particular city society in general by solving the major cultural development issues within the city.

Lviv has to have its clear, effective, creative and long-term plan of actions – city-wide strategy of cultural development:

  • Strategy which will give understanding about present city cultural resources and their effective use, about vision of citizens in relation to their own cultural necessities, about long-term aims, about the basic problems of the branch and possible ways of their decision.
  • Strategy that  will give clear guidelines on how much money annually needs to be allocated from the city budget“on culture”, how they should be distributed, what priorities and personal interests the society have, what one should strive for and how to act to develop. \
  • Strategy which will be useful to every citizen – so that in the process of its realization there would be created terms which as good as possible will answer active will of citizens in relation to their cultural necessities.

In proper sections devoted to the mission and vision, the ideology and general vision of the city cultural development by 2025 are described.  The  next logical step should be determination of priority directions of actions, concentration on which will give a maximal effect in realization of the set purpose. At determination of priorities we were oriented on the most urgent necessities of all stakeholders and community in particular. We have analysed experience of different European cities. It’s important that while elaborating no   separate spheres of culture priorities were selected, but the general approaches for development of all spheres of the city cultural life.

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 2017-2025
  • Developer: City Institute and the working group of experts involving cultural, authority, public, business and education actors
  • Executor: City Institute and Lviv City Council


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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