Lviv Strategic Plan of Investment Attraction by 2020

The primary objective of this Strategy is to attract new business investment to Lviv.

Territorial communities as a major success factor in the implementation of investment strategies aimed at expanding or attracting commercial and industrial companies generally define a number of key components of their  plans to attract investment basing on community capabilities, optimization of resources,  development of relations between supply chains, formation of clusters and the related synergistic effect, constant innovation and increased productivity, investment in human capital.

This plan is aimed at the local economic development as the strategic partnership between authorities, communities and business, which helps accelerate productivity growth of the local economy by stimulating investment in the new and existing businesses, producing the greatest number of benefits and create the maximum number of jobs through the implementation of competitive advantages of the city in comparison with other cities and regions of Ukraine.

In the process of updating the Strategic Plan the specialists from the  "Ukraine  Municipal Local Economic Development" Project  (MLED) conducted methodical support, expert analysis and research results obtained in the course of the planning process, and provided consulting services on issues that belong to all aspects of strategic planning.


  • Attracting investment based on community capabilities.
  • Continuous innovation and increase productivity.
  • Expanding the number and variety of jobs.
  • Economic diversification and increase of incomes.


  • Level of foreign direct investment per 1 citizen – USD 1004 (as for 2015)
  • Implementation of the Industrial Park “Ryasne-2” Project (registered in the Ministry of  Economic Development and Trade  and selected management company)
  • Two new clusters were chosen as the results of the research
  • Municipal Property website was created
  • City investment website was created
  • Lviv is presented at  investment exhibition (MIPIM Cannes etc.)
  • Export-oriented companies in Lviv are regularly trained

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 2009-2020
  • Developer: Experts of the "Ukraine Municipal Local Economic Development" Project (МLED)
  • Executor: City Institute and Lviv City Council


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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