Strategy for Competitiveness Increase of Lviv by 2015

In Lviv 15 economic key clusters were researched, among them tourism and business services clusters were named as the most competitive.

Tourism cluster mission: To implement Lviv potential as one of the main tourist destinations of CEE by uniting cluster members around unified strategy for tourism development,  improving the tourist experience and general infrastructure to service targeted tourist markets and segments.

Business-services cluster mission: To promote cooperation within the cluster and attract knowledge and capital to develop Lviv as a leading center of business services in CEE, which uses local human resources for serving Ukrainian and international clients.


  plan for 2015 actual index
Number of tourists 700 thou. 1,7 mln.
An average tourist spends per day USD 67 USD 142
Level of satisfaction with tourist services 4,0 4,29


  plan for 2015 actual index
Number of labor force in the cluster 6 800 15 000
Willingness of  graduates to work in business 25% 40%

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 2009-2015
  • Developer: Monitor Group (under support of “Effective Governance” fund)
  • Executor: City Institute and Lviv City Council


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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