Nationwide public opinion about decentralization reform

The research objective is to investigate opinion of Ukrainians` people about the decentralization reform, development of local self-government and economic growth of country in general.

The on-line survey was conducted by the analytical centre City Institute (Lviv) within VII Nationwide Forum of Local Self-government.

The research period: February 2019
Interviewed: 1736 respondents aged 18 and older in all regions of Ukraine with the exception of Crimea and the occupied territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

The statistical margin of error (with a probability of 0,95) does not exceed 3,8%.

The research main results:

40% of the Ukrainians consider that Since 2015 the country is moving in the right direction. The greatest optimism regarding the development of the situation in the country was expressed by the residents of the West (48%) and Eastern (48%) regions, and relatively less – in the Central East region (35%).

24% believe that Ukrainians have a high level of activity.

34% of the polled said about their confidence in the local self-government and mayor of their communities. At the same time, 31% of the polled answered that they have confidence in president of Ukraine.

50% of Ukrainians said that they understand what this decentralization reform is about and 49% of the respondents said that they concieve the Ukrainians` decentralization reform is impactful.

63% of the people felt changes for the better as a result of the increase in local budgets since 2015. The lowest number of those satisfied with improving of life quality is in the Northeastern, while in the East (56%) of the people are satisfied with improving of life quality in their communities.

74% of the Ukrainians have expressed their desire to colloborate with local authorities.

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: February 2019
  • Customer: City Institute
  • Executor: City Institute


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