This year is the 8th return of the Urban Workshop. The head coordinators are the Municipal Institution City Institute, Lviv City Administration and the "Integrated urban development in Ukraine" Project, which is established on a collaboration of Ukraine and Germany governments.

The constant education is the contemporary tool of the development renovation and improvement of the welfare of the residents. Therefore, lifelong learning should become the custom of Lviv citizens. Such a point promotes professional fulfilment, as well as the spiritual and moral development of the people at the same time.

Quality of life is a complex concept, which comprises of the set of categories that provides the subjective and objective well-being of the individual in social conditions.

The fourth training block for architects and public activists in the field of urbanism lasted from the 16th to the 20th of February. During each module participants covered methods of urban development and elaborated their ideas on the platform of the community «Lyubinska ‒ Pivdenny» and the community of «Pidzamche ‒ Zamarstyniv».

Over the past few years, many important changes have taken place in many Ukrainian cities: the local self-government institute has developed, autonomous solar power stations have been established, the practice of sorting garbage is gradually introduced, cycle tracks are being built, etc.

On 4th September 2018 City Institute’s team organized a public discussion of the participatory approach in the street planning, implicating the experience of the “Street for All” project in the Urban Café format. The project aimed at developing the communicational platform for citizens, entrepreneurs and city authorities during the city space reconstruction.

Recently our team had discussion with the Children's Advisors of the Lviv City Council. We talked about education, leisure, sports, safety Lviv in order to make our city comfortable and friendly to children.

The research objective is to trace the dynamics of the main indicators of life quality in Lviv according to the City Institute author’s technique developed inт2013. All indicators of the life quality of Lviv residents are the performance indicators for the city top-managers.

The sociological research objective is to find out the level of knowledge among the Lviv respondents about “Community in Action” project and define subjective opinions of respondents about the development of the city.

Urban-Cultural Project City Workshop 2017 was organized by the team of municipal organization City Institute with the help of regular partners - Lviv City Council and the Ukrainian-German project "Municipal Development and Renewal of the Old Town of Lviv", GIZ.


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