Urban-Cultural Project City Workshop 2017 was organized by the team of municipal organization City Institute with the help of regular partners - Lviv City Council and the Ukrainian-German project "Municipal Development and Renewal of the Old Town of Lviv", GIZ.

Project objective – to create a precedent for establishing communication between residents, businesses and city authorities during the public spacereconstruction.

The Urban Workshop - an urban and cultural project - is an effective platform for cooperation and communication of public organizations, initiatives, artists, artisans, public activists and city authority, that is acting for five years already.

How we'll live in the future? Where we'll work, make shopping and relax? Where our children will play and learn? How can we improve traffic in the city? The ability to search for answers to these and other questions from prospective of urban development provides a new platform for discussions - "URBAN CAFE". Here, local authorities, businesses and citizens are able to just sit down at one table and with common afforts define the future of the city, based on international experience in the field of urban planning.


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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