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Education network for adults

Education network for adults

The constant education is the contemporary tool of the development renovation and improvement of the welfare of the residents. Therefore, lifelong learning should become the custom of Lviv citizens. Such a point promotes professional fulfilment, as well as the spiritual and moral development of the people at the same time.

Continuous learning of the residents plays a special role in the genesis of the modern development of Lviv, also it implements the educational function, at all stages of the social existence. Additionally, it improves the achievements of the individuals, nation or society daily, according to the acquisition and implementation of new knowledge and technologies. 

It is intended to methodize the process of education and organise the learning base for adults consisting of 9 courses of at least 40 hours each.

The project aims to create the educational network of courses for adult citizens based on the libraries of Lviv. This network will arrange the city`s system of continuous education. Furthermore, it will lend a hand for the interaction structure of providers (people that are supplying the educational services) and the local citizens.

Currently, the courses should be realised in three Lviv libraries:

  • Wiki-library (ave.Chervona Kalyna, 58)
  • URBAN-library (st. Ustyianovycha, 4)
  • Persha Lvivska Mediateka (st. Muliarska, 2А).

The topics of the courses are determined by the needs of the residents. It is planned to organize three courses for each of the mentioned libraries, one of which is intended for senior citizens.

Besides, the establishment of the adult education network is an extremely meaningful step for Lviv in obtaining UNESCO status as a city in the process of learning.

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: July - December 2019
  • Donor: DVV International in Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany
  • Budget: 271 500 UAH
  • Partners: DVV International in Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany
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