Hackathon "Open Data Challenge: code for Lviv" (2016)

The purpose of hackathon «Open Data Challenge: code for Lviv» is to encourage Lviv IT community to create useful smart services for residents using city open data.

Hackathon was held on 23-24 April 2016 in Startup Depot (m. Lviv, vul. Spring, 4). Hackathon is part of a larger project "Open city data." The uniqueness of event lies in the fact that exactly now Lviv City Council departments and other authorities should open their database to the public.

During "Open Data Challenge: code for Lviv" participants:

    1. Analyzed city data
    2. Created web portals
    3. Created web portals
    4. and other smart services that help to solve social problems of the city.

Photo-report: Facebook-album

Lviv Open Data portal: opendata.city-adm.lviv.ua

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: march - april 2016
  • Donor: Tech Soup
  • Budget: 20 000 UAH
  • Partners: Tech Soup (Warsaw), Lviv City Council
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