"Creative Breakthrough" Forum

Lviv has presented its own new strategy on city development within the “Creative Breakthrough” Forum.

The event took place 9-10 March, 2018, focused on creating community for developing a new model of a creative city in the context of city development.

Among the participants there were leading Ukrainian thinkers and a special guest Charles Landry (famous British specialist in cities development, the author of the concept of a creative city, has advised the city councils of Amsterdam, Dublin, Leipzig, Lublin and other three dozen cities).

On the first day there were discussions about following problems:

  1. Educational reform: how to educate creative people with critical thinking;
  2. Creation of the creative hubs and other places for concentration ideas and intelligence;
  3. Retaining “talents” in City: comfortable conditions and opportunities for self-realization;
  4. Engaging “talents” in City.

The main speaker of the first day was Charles Landry with his presentation in the Lviv Organ Hall.

“One of the rules of the creative city is to move from culture “no, because” to culture “yes, if”. Every city needs at least 1% of people with such thinking. And if population of Lviv is about a million, so 1% of active people is really a huge number - 10 thousand people!”, - has noticed Charles.

Also author said that culture defines the city:

“Creativity is blood, a nervous system of this city. This is the same thing that oxygen gives for every city”.

On the second day there was an open space strategic session with definition of the main topics, and Breakthrough Strategy projects for the upcoming six months.  

Hereby, through these two days, saturated with creativity, Lviv was dipped into prepared materials concerning Lviv Breakthrough Strategy by 2027 and has heard a lot of new interesting information, which has to be completed and implemented.

In addition, it’s very important that format of the presentation has allowed to attract the main stakeholders to its realization.

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: March, 2018
  • Donor: International Renaissance Foundation
  • Budget: ----
  • Partners: City Institute, Lviv City Council, Creative City, Cluster of Education and Creativity Development, Ukrainian Catholic University, Leopolis Hotel, NIKO-ZAHID, Lviv Media Forum, Student Council of Economics Faculty of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.


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