Urban Cafe - platform for discussions

How we'll live in the future? Where we'll work, make shopping and relax? Where our children will play and learn? How can we improve traffic in the city? The ability to search for answers to these and other questions from prospective of urban development provides a new platform for discussions - "URBAN CAFE". Here, local authorities, businesses and citizens are able to just sit down at one table and with common afforts define the future of the city, based on international experience in the field of urban planning.

General project idea:

  • “Urban Café” promote the finding of good solutions for challenges in the field of urban development. On one hand’s side it is a platform for dialogue between local stakeholders. On the other hand’s side it provides input from abroad.
  • “Urban Café” does neither provide scientific debate, nor the discussion about detailed projects. Its focus is in between these poles: It deals with the strategic level, offers dialog about principles for different aspects of urban development in Lviv.
  • In a first stage “Urban Café” comprise a series of evening-sessions that are taking place about every 6 or 8 weeks.

Public group in Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/urbancafe.lviv/

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: 2014-...
  • Donor: ---
  • Budget: ---
  • Partners: Lviv City Council, Urban Ideas, GIZ


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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