Urban Workshop (2017)

Urban-Cultural Project City Workshop 2017 was organized by the team of municipal organization City Institute with the help of regular partners - Lviv City Council and the Ukrainian-German project "Municipal Development and Renewal of the Old Town of Lviv", GIZ.

The theme of City Workshop 2017 was urban decentralization with the involvement of local micro-communities and the establishment of a dialogue between experts and activists.

Features of City Workshop 2017:

  • Workshop as an impetus for the development of districts
  • Support for sustainable development projects
  • Setting up a dialogue between experts and activists
  • Exchange of experience between Ukrainian cities on participatory methods

We would like to point out that the project City Workshop - 2016 received the Leipzig Prize for Integrated Urban Development. The team of the City Workshop project received 300,000 UAH to implement all measures that promote integrated urban development in Ukraine and support the sustainable development of cities, their neighborhoods and urban spaces.

During two weeks of work more than 15,000 visitors were involved, more than 140 events were held, which took place at different locations of the city, 6 working pavilions were created that worked within 12 days.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maisterniamista/

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: June, 2017
  • Donor: Leipzig Prize for Integrated City Development, Institute of Leadership and Management, GIZ Lviv
  • Budget: UAH 724 000
  • Partners: Lviv City Council, GIZ, Institute of Leadership and Management, Ukrainian Catholic University


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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