Action Plan for the consolidation of communities (2017)

The project is funded by the British Embassy of Ukraine within the framework of the "Support to Decentralization in Ukraine" Project, which is implemented by the All-Ukrainian NGO "Civil Network "OPORA" in cooperation with the City Institute.

Project goal 

To increase the capabilities and skills of local self-government bodies, to promote accountability of the government through public engagement in order to effectively implement the decentralization reform in Ukraine.

The project is one of eight projects and aimed at supporting decentralization reform in Ukraine. The project is unique because it activates the work of one micro-community within the city.

Project stages:

  • Conducting and analyzing the data of survey among 600 inhabitants of Sykhiv district in Lviv;
  • Training community activists in order to improve their competencies in the good governance, local government, strategic planning, public and project management;
  • Creating the Strategy for the development of micro-communities of Sykhiv.
  • Creating a draft of public space project with the stakeholders;
  • Creating a roadmap for activating the city's residents for sustainable democratic development of communities;
  • Presentation of the roadmap to other communities in the city of Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.


The document of the development strategy of Sykhiv was created; the draft of the project for further implementation was created and the multi-purpose roadmap was prepared for engagement of residents in sustainable democratic development of the community.

Additional Info

  • Implementation period: July - December, 2017
  • Donor: British Embassy, Kyiv
  • Budget: GBP 14 357,61
  • Partners: Civil Network OPORA (fund managers)


City Institute

79008 Lviv

Rynok square, 1, office 108-111



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