The second educational block has been held from 8 to 13 November 2018. Subject of the module was a development of modern cities using the methods and tools of research-oriented design and strategic planning, which helps to determine the vision for the further improvement of a particular city or region.  

The fourth module of the Lviv City Makers course lasted from the 17th to the 22nd of January. The purpose of this training block was to study the main principles of participative involvement of residents and various stakeholders in the development of the city.

The research objective is to define availability of the non-formalized micro districts (not administrative), as well as to study in detail characteristics of the citizens who live in these micro districts, to define availability of the residents local identity (connection to the micro district they are living in), to define the residents values and their attitude towards a common space and readiness to joint work for the good of their own micro district.  

The research objective is to trace dynamics of the main indicators of life quality in Lviv according to the City Institute author’s technique developed in 2013. The elaborated indicators of life quality of residents are the performance indicators for the city top-managers.


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