04 December 2019 Published in News


Representatives of the Korean Association of Studying Cities met with the Deputy Mayor Andriy Moskalenko, Head of the Education Department of Humanitarian Policy in Lviv City Council (LCC) Zoryana Dovganyk, and Director of the Municipal Institution City Institute Aleksander Kobzarev. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange the educational experience.

The meeting began with welcome words by Deputy Mayor Andriy Moskalenko, who presented gifts to the representatives of delegation. During his speech, the Deputy Mayor addressed the words from Mayor Andriy Sadovyy:

“The environment of the city is not just the official meetings and serious council arrangements. We have the tradition of walking to a coffeehouse. So, do not let me down and try Lviv coffee between meetings. Networking solves everything! ” concluded Andriy Moskalenko.

Further, the mayor of Seoul, Sodemun Mun Sok Chyn, presented South Korea's achievements in the realization of the concept of lifelong learning. He presented the activities of all 17 cities, the heads of which were present on the meeting, and made a brief tour into the history of the concept of lifelong learning in South Korea. 

Zoryana Dovganyk, Head of the Education Department of Humanitarian Policy in LCC, presented the achievements of Lviv in the educational sphere. Representatives of the delegation attentively listened to her report and asked many questions. Especially, the fact that in Lviv and Ukraine, in general, almost all adults can write and read was impressive. 

Further, the director of the City Institute Aleksander Kobzarev presented the activities of the municipal institution over the last three years, and emphasized the importance of joining for Lviv the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities:

"We are trying to implement the lifelong learning concept in Lviv. Learning constantly is extremely important. Futurologists already assume that one higher education will not be enough, and in 10-20 years, it will become certainly insufficient.

As a result, we need to create an environment in our city where people will be in the process of constant learning and learning will become their style of life. People should be engaged in social relationships, and maintain a healthy communication, have more opportunities while they are in lifelong learning.

I suppose that Lviv must be in this network because we have various enthusiastic people who want to study. We are steadily starting to provide more and more of these opportunities with the cooperation of DVV International in Ukraine.

For example, Lviv has already implemented a network of non-formal learning for adults based on city libraries.

By the way, there is a statistic in Korea that cities that are the part of a network of studying cities offer a better quality of life for their residents. So, residents are less inclined to move to other cities (example of Osan in Korea: 84.2% want to continue living in their city). Consequently, this is another good cause why Lviv should be the part of the UNESCO Global Network of Studying Cities".

The Korean Association of Cities visited Lviv for a learning aim. The purpose of the trip was to be acquainted with the experience of improving lifelong learning in Lviv and to share the experience of the Republic of Korea in the development of studying cities with the representatives of local self-government.


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