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Small residents of the city became heads of departments of the Lviv city council on November 20 to honour the 30th anniversary of the initiation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The day of new leaders met the schedule of the mayor and his deputies. Children participated in a working trip to different locations in Lviv and held the meetings.

In the beginning, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi shared responsibilities among future directors, delegated mentors and passed the keys of the mayor's office to the head of the Children's Advisory Board, Victoria Kravets, who worked as mayor during the day. Victoria also held the meeting with the heads of the structural units of the institution. 

Today is a very pleasant meeting because about 50 children joined the Lviv city administration, and all key positions were controlled by the children of our Lviv schools. That's why I want to introduce you to Victoria Kravets, who is currently the mayor of Lviv. Today our deputy colleagues, heads of departments, also work together with their partners. It is the standard in smart cities of the world when residents are involved in governance. So, today it is very significant that children who will be in charge tomorrow have an opportunity to see from the inside. By the way, Ms Victoria, who is now mayor of Lviv, gives very high-quality comments and asks qualitative questions to the speakers. I am pleasantly impressed, - said the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy.

During the day, the newly appointed directors performed the functions of their adult counterparts: held meetings and commissions; attended working trips.

Besides, an excursion for the smallest residents was organized by the city council, after which the children had the opportunity to drink cocoa with Mayor Andriy Sadov and Victoria Kravets.

At the end of the day, over thirty new leaders shared their impressions of their work with the mayor of Lviv and received gratitude from the city community for their active work. 

The Success Story event also took place yesterday. Kids, who are talented and successful in various fields, shared their motivating achievement stories, secrets of success and inspired the participants to new accomplishments.

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