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The fifth educational session of the City makers’ course Lviv held
02 April 2019 Published in News

The fifth educational session of the City makers’ course Lviv held

The fourth training block for architects and public activists in the field of urbanism lasted from the 16th to the 20th of February. During each module participants covered methods of urban development and elaborated their ideas on the platform of the community «Lyubinska ‒ Pivdenny» and the community of «Pidzamche ‒ Zamarstyniv».

Curators of the module were city planning experts, representatives of the University of Cottbus (Germany): Marcus Otto ‒ professor, architect, urbanist and Christoph Wessling ‒ architect, urbanist, Anton Kolomeytsev ‒ PhD of architecture, assistant professor of the Architectural Design Department at the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Stefan Gabi ‒ urban planning expert of the communal institution «City Institute» and Maxim Terletsky ‒ project manager of the communal institution «City Institute».

During this module the participants finalized the work of the previous modules and worked on the development of slogans, development visions and the establishment of framework plans in the above mentioned regions.

Therefore, the community «Lyubinska ‒ Pivdenny» plans to develop their area as eco-smart city. The slogan of the district is «City garden in urban net» which symbolizes a combination of components «habitation-leisure-nature» in the conditions of competent functioning which creates a comfortable environment suitable for life, as it was explained by the participants.

One of the advantages of the area, which can be used for further improvement, is a large number of trees. Objects for transformation were chosen in order to create public spaces, change the transport system and update the outdated housing stock.

Among the main vectors of the development of the «Pidzamche ‒ Zamarstyniv» community are the division of the industrial heritage into residential buildings and areas for the creation of creative industries, the development of tourism (since the area is rich in historical monuments), the improvement of infrastructure and modern housing stock, as well as the creation of «green links» ‒ greened areas that would combine parks and squares into a single route.

At a public lecture held on February, 16, German experts from the University of Cottbus, Markus Otto and Christoph Wessling had a chance to share their experiences in the basic principles of building German cities lecture. The audience  learned about the organization of public and private sectors, the design of the basic urban settlements structure in the cities of Germany, etc.

Reminder: City Makers’ Course Lviv is an educational program in the sphere of urban development. It is a common project of Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), NGO “Stadtagenten” (Germany) and City Institute (Ukraine) which is financed by the German Foreign Office. Other cooperation-partners like Lviv City Council and Institute for Spatial Development Lviv are involved. The program was developed by Ukrainian and international experts and started in October 2018 in Lviv.



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