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A high-quality public space is a place where you want to go back
27 March 2019 Published in News

A high-quality public space is a place where you want to go back

Over the past few years, many important changes have taken place in many Ukrainian cities: the local self-government institute has developed, autonomous solar power stations have been established, the practice of sorting garbage is gradually introduced, cycle tracks are being built, etc.

Also, surrounding territories are changing ‒ public spaces are created and restored. The availability of affordable, well-equipped public spaces is an important component of society's development, as these processes help to revitalize social and cultural life.

That is why the creation of public spaces has become a theme of the fifth module of the Lviv City Makers Course that lasted from March 14 to 19.  The experimental variants of public spaces in the «Lubins’ka ‒ Pivdenny» and «Pidzamche ‒ Zamarstyn» communities were developed.

German experts shared their experience in renovating public spaces in Europe during an open lecture held on March 16. Anna Lundqvist, in particular, told about the former Tempelhof airport, which has been turned into a recreation area, and a project of a waste recycling plant in Copenhagen, on which roof an artificial ski route was opened.

«It is important that the surrounding space is comfortable and beautiful. While moving around the city people need to stop every now and then and admire the things around them», Anna said.


Reminder: City Makers’ Course Lviv is an education-program in the sphere of urban development. It is a common project of Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), NGO “Stadtagenten” (Germany) and City Institute (Ukraine) which is financed by the German Foreign Office. Other cooperation-partners like Lviv City Council and Institute for Spatial Development Lviv are involved. The program was developed by Ukrainian and international experts and starts in October 2018 in Lviv.

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