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City makers’ course Lviv participants presented the visions of neighbourhood units’ development in Lviv to active citizens

The second educational block has been held from 8 to 13 November 2018. Subject of the module was a development of modern cities using the methods and tools of research-oriented design and strategic planning, which helps to determine the vision for the further improvement of a particular city or region.  

Strategy is an instrument and every instrument have a specific purpose of use. But strategy isn’t a magic wand which you need to wave in your hand in order to implement it successfully, as most people think

 - mentioned Alexandr Kobzarev during the lecture about strategical planning.

Curators of the module were the experts in the city planning, such as Silke Weidner, vice dean at Faculty of Architecture, Urban planning and Civil engineering of Brandenburg University of Technology, Jochen Gauly ‒ city planner, GIZ Consultant in South Africa, India and Serbia, Alexandr Kobzarev ‒ director of the municipal institution "City Institute", Stefan Gabi ‒ urban planning expert at the municipal institution "City Institute".

Practical tasks during the first module were creating visions and defining goals for the development of Lviv's neighbourhood units which were chosen for the research: “Vyhovskoho-neighborhood” (as an example of a former soviet residential unit) “Pidzamche-neighborhood” (as an example of a historical area with mixed use (housing, old industry).

During the module Jochen Gauly conducted a lecture on the principles of integrated urban development strategies, the reasons of urbanization in German and Ukrainian cities, and the main challenges caused by the growth of population.

Nowadays cities are engines of development, places for innovations, motivator of growth. Since 2012 50% of the world's population has begun to live in cities. By 2050 about 75% of the world's population will live in cities

  - stated Jochen.

In addition, participants had an opportunity to present their draft strategies to active citizens and representatives of District Administrations were able to take into consideration all comments concerning strategies for the development of selected districts (note Ed: presentations on Ukrainian by the following links: Vyhovskoho-neighborhood and “Pidzamche-neighborhood”).


Reminder: City Makers’ Course Lviv is an education-program in the sphere of urban development. It is a common project of Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), NGO “Stadtagenten” (Germany) and City Institute (Ukraine) which is financed by the German Foreign Office. Other cooperation-partners like Lviv City Council and Institute for Spatial Development Lviv are involved. The program was developed by Ukrainian and international experts and starts in October 2018 in Lviv.


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