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The basis of modern society is the involvement of citizens in the development of the city

The fourth module of the Lviv City Makers course lasted from the 17th to the 22nd of January. The purpose of this training block was to study the main principles of participative involvement of residents and various stakeholders in the development of the city.

Curators of the module were city planning experts, such as Mark Gainish, a representative of the city planning department of the city of Wolfsburg, Maxim Terletsky, a project manager of the municipal institution «City institute» and Tanya Heyman, a chairman of the organization «StadtAgenten».

Also, Kseniya Yеmshina, a coach of the Facilitators Association of Ukraine, conducted a workshop on facilitation. Head of the Department of Public Partnership of the Lviv City Council ‒ Orest Feyfurka held a lecture on ways of involving residents  to the development of the city. The participants learned more about high-quality group communication and main principles of  problem solving in the sphere of city planning.

Tanya Heyman presented some interesting tools of informal communication and ways of involving residents to urban planning in Germany ‒ interactive workshops, surveys, info points, traffic profiles, interactive models, in particular.

Tetiana Prykhodko, sociologist of a communal institution «City Institute», joined the participants and told them about the significance of sociology and the conceptual logic of the methodology. During the module, the main issues involved in the development of surveys were discussed, which allowed participants to avoid manipulative and incorrect questions.

Participants were involoved into preparation and execution of sociological surveys on preselected for research sites: «Vyhovskoho-neighborhood» and district «Pidzamche».

On January 22 public lecture-discussion «How to attract people to the development of the city?» took place  in the premises of the «City Institute». Participants had an opportunity to present their work to the residents and listen to their suggestions and comments .

In general, Mark Gainish noted, the processes of urban development in Ukraine and Germany are similar, but the public discussion should be initiated at the early stages of the project so that the proposals of citizens did not take into account purely formal. He also spoke about German housing problems. In particular, on the project «Stuttgart 21», where rallies were held due to the ignoring of citizens' opinion and, as a result, the Baden-Württemberg federal state government was re-elected.

The key point in creating new urban development projects should be consideration of the interests of the entire local community, and not just private interests, Mark added.


City Makers’ Course Lviv is an educational program in the sphere of urban development. It is a common project of Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), NGO “Stadtagenten” (Germany) and City Institute (Ukraine) which is financed by the German Foreign Office. Other cooperation-partners like Lviv City Council and Institute for Spatial Development Lviv are involved. The program was developed by Ukrainian and international experts and started in October 2018 in Lviv.




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