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The first module of the City Makers’ Course Lviv has started

The first block of an educational programme in the sphere of urban development City Makers’ Course Lviv has been held from 10 to 15 October 2018 (more information here).

Curators of first educational block were experts of the city planning: Moritz Maikaemper, engineer, lecturer at the Department of Urban Management University of Cottbus, Stefan Gabi, Local Development Expert, Mark Gainish, representative of the City Planning Department of the City of Wolfsburg, Stefan Poenak, representative of the “StadtAgenten” (associate of City Makers' Course Lviv).

During the first module, participants considered examples of city planning in Germany, in particular implementing and using the concept of Integrated  Urban Development — an informal tool, a kind of strategy for long-term management of city development. The concept combines social, demographic, economic, business, natural factors and defines key aspects of urban development.

In order to develop the central part of the city of Lviv the concept of Integrated  Urban Development was created. Quite a serious problem of the Old City is a small amount of well arranged public spots, which has been caused by a great number of private property on the common space, Moritz Maikaemper stated.

Participants had the opportunity to explore selected research areas (“Vyhovskoho-neighborhood” as an example for a “soviet” and residential district “Pidzamche” as an example of the historical district with mixed use (housing, old industry) for the introduction of German instruments of city planning in Lviv.

The city of Lviv nowadays is a zone of overall transformations. We already have set up small workshops which function on the ground of the former industrial enterprises. We have an example of Germany where these processes are thoroughly discussed by the society, mention Julian Chaplinsky, Head of the Department of architecture and urban studies of the Lviv City Council.

During the second module, organizers plan to hold a lecture and discussion "Principles and examples for Integrated Urban Development Strategies in Germany & Ukraine" (more information here). Speaker: Jochen Gauly, freelanced city-planner from Germany, the consultant for GIZ in different countries worldwide, e.g. South Africa, India, Serbia. For the City of Leipzig, he is acting as moderator and community manager. He is also working in Ukraine and, for example, supported Lviv City Council by elaborating the Integrated Development Concept for the Old City.

Reminder: City Makers’ Course Lviv is an education program in the sphere of urban development. It is a common project of Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg (Germany), NGO “Stadtagenten” (Germany) and City Institute (Ukraine) which is financed by the German Foreign Office. Other cooperation-partners like Lviv City Council and Institute for Spatial Development Lviv are involved. The program was developed by Ukrainian and international experts and started in October 2018 in Lviv.



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