12 February 2018 Published in News

Lviv is selected to participate in the SymbioCity International Training Programme 2018-2019

During following 18 months the team from Lviv will represent the city in the “Enabling Local Democracy and Holistic Urban Development through the SymbioCity Approach” Programme. It’s one of 6 supported by the Swedish organizations SIDA and ICLD in cooperation with SKL International.

The Inception Workshop was held in Belgrade (Serbia). During a week, from January 29 to February 1, 2018, representatives of 8 municipalities were able to study Swedish experience of sustainable urban development based on the SymbioCity principles.

Except Lviv, the Programme includes the City of Khmelnytsky (Ukraine), Stari Grad (Belgrade municipality), Kruševac and Nish (Serbia), Ohrid (Macedonia), Mustafakemalpaşa and Büyükçekmece (Turkey). The SymbioCity - Sustainability by Sweden approach was launched by the Swedish Government in 2008.

It is focused on transforming the challenges cities facing today into opportunities for sustainable development. Considering the potential synergies between different urban systems, the city can create a vision of its future, at the same time saving natural resources and spending less money.

"The city is not a problem – it is a solution", once said former Mayor of Curitiba (Brazil) Jamie Lerner.

This is a context the Lviv team will work the following 18 months in frames of the “Sustainable spatial development: partnership of municipality and business” Project. Team members: Iryna Kryvenchuk from the Municipal Institution City Institute, Natalia Romanchuk and Olena Hestanova from the Economic Development Department of the Lviv City Council.

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