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About us

City Institute is an analytical centre, which was established by Lviv City Council (LCC) on May 21, 2009. Institution has a non-profit status based on municipal property and is under control  of Lviv City Council executive committee.


To consolidate the efforts of residents, city government and business to solve the  key issues of city strategic development.


1 City Institute is an authoritative analytical centre.
City Institute is a platform for gathering expert communities both at national and international levels, gives a detailed analysis reports, articles, forms ratings, forecasts and conducts sociological surveys.

2 City Institute is a key city issues coordination centre.
Subdivisions of the municipality refer to us to find new solutions and their implementation mechanisms. As a result of this collaboration, Lviv City Council is the most effective local government in Ukraine.

3 Due to City Institute Lviv strategic planning level is the highest in Ukraine.
City Institute coordinates the Comprehensive Development Strategy and Competitiveness Strategy implementation, and elaborates another branch strategies, deals with improving the quality of planning and forecasting for the city.

4 City Institute is the uncontested leader by the number of successfully realized projects.
City Institute cooperates with international institutions to solve actual problems of the city through the implementation of projects and participation in national and international tenders and is the initiator of national and international events.

5 City Institute has a professional team of associates.
We employ highly skilled professionals in analysis, strategic planning and project management. Here they have competitive working conditions, opportunities and prospects for professional development. CI specialists constantly attend trainings and conferences on important issues relevant to urban development, improving their own skills and organizing trainings for other employees of the executive units.


City Institute

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