8 August 2018 | Quality of life


Quality of life is a complex concept, which comprises of the set of categories that provides the subjective and objective well-being of the individual in social conditions.

The only integrated methodology for the study of quality of life in Ukraine developed by scientists and practitioners of the City Institute based on the best international experience in 2013, and the requests and needs of representatives of various departments and departments of local governments in Ukrainian cities.

The research objective is to trace the dynamics of the main indicators of life quality in Lviv according to the City Institute author’s technique developed inт2013. All indicators of the life quality of Lviv residents are the performance indicators for the city top-managers.

Interviewed: 1200 Lviv residents over 18. The study was based on the ‘face-to-face’ survey.

Margin of the sample error: below 3,5% with a probabilistic probability of 0.954

The research main results:

  • Comparing 2018 VS 2017, the index of life quality descreased to 3,29 on a 5- point scale (it is on 3% less than 2017)
  • Index of urban environment satisfaction is 3,28 and index of resident’s personal comfort is 3,14. The Lviv residents usually pretend to give higher marks to services quality provided in various spheres than to a current state of urban
  • The majority of Lviv respondents had a feeling of pride of living in Lviv (92%) and a feeling of happy of living in Lviv (88%).
  • Every day or almost every day 18% of residents used the tram.
  • 20% of Lviv citizens performed charitable contribution.
  • 57% of the polled chose their doctors within the ”A Doctor for Every Family”.

Additional Info
Implementation period:August – September 2018
Customer:Lviv City Council, City Institute
Executor:Sociological agency “FAMA”