20 July 2017 | Quality of life

The main problems and needs of the residents in Sykhiv District (2017)

The sociological research objective is to define the main problems, opportunities of  Sykhiv district and estimate the main indicators of life quality of Sykhiv residents.

Interviewed: 600 people over 18.
Method: apartment survey, «face to face» (in-person) interview.
Margin of the sample error: below 4%.

The main results of the survey:

  • This year life quality index in the Sykhiv was assessed as 3,2 (from 5 maximum).
  • 68,7% of respondents indicated they’re proud of their life in Sykhiv.
  • Index of transport infrastructure has gotten the highest mark – 3,4. So, Sykhiv residents’re satisfied with the quantity of road signs (4), connections between all areas of Lviv (3.9), number of gas stations and traffic lights (3.8).
  • Index of improvement and ecology has gotten the lowest estimate – 3: the respondents evaluated waste sorting and collection in 2,4 (from 5 maximum), and water quality, number of water objects (2,2).
  • 59,3% of respondents support implementation of the decentralization reform.
  • Sykhiv residents’re satisfied with safety during the day– 4, but they were not satisfied with safety at night – 3,3.

The research was the first step of the “Action Plan for the strengthening of communities” project funded by the British Embassy in Ukraine within the framework of the “Support for the Reform of Decentralization” project that Civil Network OPORA is realizing in cooperation with the City Institute. The contents of this research do not necessary reflect the views of the British Government.

Additional Info
Implementation period:July, 2017
Customer:Civil Network OPORA
Executor:City Institute