11 December 2018 | Financial development

LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN (“Mayors for Economic Growth”)

Mayors for Economic Growth is an initiative designed to promote the capacity of local authorities in the Eastern Partnership countries to stimulate economic growth, increase employment in the region, and ensure the participation of citizens in economic, social and cultural processes at the local level.
On November 22, 2018, our city became a member of the  Mayors for Economic Growth Network and committed itself to develop a Local Economic Development Plan. Lviv City Council, in cooperation with the private sector and civil society organizations, has developed such a plan in accordance with the recommendations provided by the Mayor for Economic Growth Secretariat.
For a more in-depth work on the plan, a separate working group was set up, which included business representatives, deputies of the city council, employees of the city council and municipal institutions of the city. The purpose of the working group was to synthesize the previous work and represent the interests of the main stakeholder’s groups.
The working group carried out economic analysis and developed measures aimed at stimulating economic growth and employment. It clearly defined the results of implementation and targets of such measures.
The objectives of the Plan are:
  • development of priority clusters (IT, tourism, light industry, printing and publishing, education);
  • transparent city administration and creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurship (training, services and information, regulation, development of export capacity);
  • development of investment attractiveness (city promotion, investment objects).
The Local Economic Development Plan has been developed taking into account the objectives of the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Area with the EU, the Association Agenda of Ukraine and the EU, and is in line with the priorities set out in the Joint Staff Working Document Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020″  in promoting economic development and market opportunities at the local level