11 January 2018 | Quality of life


The sociological research objective is to find out the level of knowledge among the Lviv respondents about “Community in Action” project and define subjective opinions of respondents about the development of the city.

Interviewed: 600 people over 18.

2 steps of research method: on-line survey, apartment survey, «face to face» interview.

Questionnaires for apartment survey had question-filter in order to avoid re-entry of respondents to our survey. Margin of the sample error (without design effect): below 4,1%. The main results of the survey: 41% of Lviv citizens consider themselves to be well-informed about “Community in Action” project, 15 % were directly involved in the project. One third (33%) of citizens have heard about public councils of Lviv City Council. In the same time every fifth have attended public meetings.

Respondents, who live in the same house (55%), usually cooperate to solve urgent issues (overcoming malfunctioning, ongoing repairs etc) and create development strategic of their community to a lesser extent (34%). Almost 2/3 of citizens (63%) are proud of people living in their community.

Absolute number of citizens (90%) support quality of life monitoring. Overall, 42% of the respondents are convinced the situation in city got positive change.