16 June 2016 | Financial development


The City Institute has conducted its traditional research on recreational tourists to identify features of the city tourism market.

Interviewed: 400 recreational tourists over 16 (young people aged 26-35 (33,8%) and 18-25 (23,6%).

Method: face-to-face interview.

The research main results:

  • The most common activities while visiting Lviv are the independent city tours (87.5%), hanging out in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants (76.3%), visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions (50.0%), the city guided tours (26.8%), attending concerts (24.0%) and religious sites (23.0%).
  • During his/her stay in Lviv one tourist spends 120.60 euros on average, and expenditures for a family (two adults with children) – 264.86 euros. Foreign visitors are traditionally spending more money in the city, i. e. about 217.18 euros, while domestic tourists spend less, i. e. 136.01 euros on average.
  • There prevail tourists who come to Lviv by train (40,0%), their own car (18.3%), plane (15.3%) or bus (12.8%).
  • An overwhelming share of visitors stop in hotels (24.2%), with their relatives or friends – 25.2% and in apartments – 22.7%.

Additional Info
Implementation period:June 2016
Customer:Center of Tourism Development, Torism Department of LCC
Executor:City Institute and sociologic agency FAMA